Passion Fruit, Vanilla

Power Mix with Passion Fruits and Vanilla

Passion fruits and vanilla are best friends. The freshness of the passion fruit is perfectly made for yoghurt. Garnished with a handful of nuts, the muesli bowl is ready to go. Sugar is not part of the team. Peppermint leaves and vanilla give the great flavor. This bowl is a kick also for a morning grumpy. 

Power-Mix with Passion Fruits and Vanilla

For the muesli, combine yoghurt, passion fruit and vanilla. Add peppermint leaves and  two handful rough grated nuts. 

If needed ad also some dried fruits. 

Shopping list for the power mix for 4 serves, 4 passions fruits, 1 bunch fresh peppermint leaves, 2 tbsp vanilla extract, 0.5 cups mixed nuts, 2 large cups of plain yoghurt or soy yoghurt. 

Have a great start into the week, enjoy the power mix, yours Chef’s Handyman team.