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Chef's Handyman, Charlotte

Chef’s Handyman, Charlotte

Who ist behind Chef’s Handyman?

Charlotte Meyer, I’m keen on plant based and vegetarian cooking. I love vegan friendly and vegetarian dishes. There are so many different flavors and fragrances which may delight your guests, so that plant based menus are also very welcome. It’s more an affair of my heart, than a mission.

During the week, my menus are leaded by profit and loss accounts. In my daily life, I’m a lark and a number cruncher. Sometimes, I must escape, so facts and figures do have no chance to crush me to death.

In my dreams, I’m having a life as an owl and I’m an owner of a little sweet restaurant, where people can test my new creations. My restaurant turned into a food blog and my guests are food blog readers. My little kitchen is my castle. Cooking is a passion, which I never will miss.



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