OllO App

OllO App

The last milestone for the the OllO app is on its way. When done, the brands Chef’s Handyman and OllO World will move closer together. 

Travel Diary 

A car on the street passed by, while I was waiting at the traffic lights, suddenly a book fell onto the road. I took the little brown book and read the title: My travel diary! Imagine you could’t share your ideas and fancy places with your friends anymore. That’s a nightmare for all travelers. Right? And that scenery was the turning point for our project. 

OllO App project

First the all-in-one process was in our mind. After discussing and sharing our ideas, we skipped that approach and focused on three points. What these are, will be shared later, when the app is ready for the beta testing. 

A the first step we had to implement the new approach into our database. Then the design became a central point. It’s a hard way from the idea to the finished product. The home stretch is full of surprises. One thing is for sure: Our baby kept us busy and is still keeping us busy. However, with pride we can say it evolved into something really great.

As the Chef’s Handyman team is part of the OllO App project, the recipes have to take a back seat. We have to apologize for that. Taking the lead for a startup is a satisfying work an also a hard business. 

Have a great start into the week, yours Chef’s Handyman team.