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Chestnut Cream with Pears

Sweet Darlings – Chestnut Sweets

Sweet Darlings – Chestnut Sweets Chestnut cream, chocolate and fruits, why not! These ingredients are best friends. Sometimes crispy bites will go along with them. Chestnut loaf or chestnut bread will upgrade a coffee break, especially on Monday. Chestnut desserts…

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Pumpkin soup casting!

Pumpkin soup casting! Large, tiny, small, big – lots of different pumpkins are sunbathing in the fields. It looks like a huge casting show out in the green. Some squashes will have their highlights in the soup others will be…

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Chef's Handyman on the road

Chef’s Handyman on the road

Chef’s Handyman on the road La Cantinella in Wallisellen is located in the Hotel Belair. It’s a business hotel with a great Italian restaurant. After a shopping tour in the Glatt mall a little snack in the Cantinella might be…

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Cold Soups

Cool and refreshing sips!

Cool and refreshing sips! Why not enhancing the hot summer days with cold soups? Also during the winter season cold soups will warm the heart and the soul. There are so many combinations around. What about a cold strawberry or…

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Desserts, Salads

Grapes stake out their bed!

Grapes stake out their bed The grape season has started. Tons of blue, red or green grape bunches are stored in the baskets. No other fruits do have that attention like grapes. Grapes are bottled, packed in nut mixtures, coated…

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