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a round thing

A round thing – Bundt Cakes

A round thing – Bundt Cakes Fall is on its way so is the cold breeze during the afternoon. Having lunch outside is still possible, for dinner it will be to cold. Ice creams are not on the top anymore,…

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Fast food with homemade soups

Fast food with homemade soups Soups forever! I’m keen on soups, especially veggie soups with ingredients from the own garden. Soups as appetizer are light and easy do digest. I prefer light meals, which can be prepared within no time….

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shredded hot chili peppers

Shredded hot chili peppers

Shredded hot chili peppers Have you ever tried shredded chili peppers? If not, take the opportunity to try them. Chili peppers anyway give the dishes a spicy taste. Chili pepper strings, are great as garnish for salad, rice or vegetable…

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