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Beetroot Salad

Beetroot, a passion

You either love beetroots or you hate them. I learned to like them late. Roasted in the oven with herbs they become really juicy and the bitter substances vanish. Together with other vegetables a wonderful salad can be put together….

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Chef's Handyman, hearty soup with vegetables and orzo pasta

Hearty and al dente, soup with a twist

I’m not a friend of boiled away vegetables or overcooked pasta. Both combined and well-cooked in a hearty soup is heavenly, right? Vegetables can be prepared in advance and be ready to use for other meals like a vegetable curry…

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Fast food with homemade soups

Fast food with homemade soups Soups forever! I’m keen on soups, especially veggie soups with ingredients from the own garden. Soups as appetizer are light and easy do digest. I prefer light meals, which can be prepared within no time….

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