Season’s Greetings 2020/21

Dear Chef’s Handyman readers

Christmas Greetings

The year 2020 will go down in history. Nothing was as usual, everything was different. Nevertheless, it also had good sides. We have never been so intensively on the road in Switzerland and we have truly discovered places for ourselves that we probably would not have visited under normal circumstances. Replacing the sea with mountains was difficult for us at first. Experiencing the different seasons was an aspect we never really appreciated before. Which was a mistake. Surely there will be more trips to the different mountain tops next year. We are already looking forward to it. 

Winter Fibes

When the fog is pressing in the city, a hike through the snowy landscape is a welcome change to unwind. Since many restaurants are closed, a picnic basket can be taken along. Toasting outside in the open air is also delightful.

Christmas Holidays

The Chef’s Handyman team says goodbye to the Christmas vacations. We wish all readers and their families good health, a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. 

Sincerely, yours Chef’s Handyman Team.