Ginger shot for the winter. Ginger warms and is good to go colds. During the cold winter months I always have a bottle of ginger juice in the fridge. The family is divided, some like the juice, others hate it and refuse a daily vitamin shot. Well, ginger is indeed a matter of taste. For the production I have tried different variants. Juice squeezers are not much use here, because the root is very fibrous and they usually cannot process a large amount. The variant with freezing, boiling and pureeing finally won the race. 

Ginger Shot for the Winter
Ginger Shot for the Winter

Ginger Shot for the winter

800 g ginger peel and cut into pieces. Freezing. Defrost the next day. Put everything in a pan, add 1 dl orange juice and simmer for 30 minutes at low heat. Puree everything and pass through a sieve. 

If no sugar is added, the ginger is very strong. I like this style. You can always mix it with other juices or sweeten it with agave syrup or sugar, if needed. 

Shopping list for about 5-6 dl ginger juice

  • 800 g ginger roots
  • 1dl orange juice
  • agave syrup or sugar

The Chef’s Handyman Team wishes you a good start into the day. 

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