Apricot Cake

Chef’s Handyman, Apricot Cake

Apricots from Valais

I love apricots or peaches more than anything. But they have to be juicy and sweet and taste like fruits. Otherwise I let it stay. Now the sweet, sun-ripened fruits are coming onto the market. The route to the market is not that far away and so they hang on the tree for a long time and are practically available freshly harvested. 

What could be better than an apricot cake? They are sweet and juicy only in summer, during the season. The thyme gives a special twist. Great and a great taste, especially, when perfumed with thyme, says the Chef’s Handyman team. Even non fruit lovers are getting their hands on it. 

Apricot cake

For the dough, I use ready-made puff pastry or cake dough. Pour it into a round cake tin lined with baking parchment. Sprinkle the base with grated almonds. Quarter the apricots and arrange them in a brick shape in the cake tin. Sprinkle with vanilla sugar. Spread the thyme over the apricots.

For the icing, mix 1 egg, 1.5 dl soy milk/milk, 2 tsp corn flour, 4-5 tbsp vanilla sugar, a dash of salt and lemon rind. Spread the icing over the apricots. 

Bake the apricot cake in a preheated oven at 200°C for approx. 55 minutes. The base should be firm and golden. The apricot pieces should have slightly black tips. That’s my favorite baking time. 

Take the cake out and let them cool on a cake rack. 

Shopping list for a small apricot cake for 4-6 serves, 800 g apricots, 1 ready-made puff pastry or 1 cake dough round, 8 tbsp almonds, 1 bunch thyme, 1 egg or 1 egg substitute (vegan version), 1 pinch salt, 8 tbsp vanilla sugar, 1 tbsp corn starch, 1-2 dl soy milk or milk. 1 lemon.

The Chef’s Handyman team wishes you a good appetite, while enjoying the apricot cake.