Chef's Handyman, Amsterdam

Chef’s Handyman, Amsterdam

Amsterdam doesn’t have the peachiness of an Italian city and it is not a city of fashion. Dutch people are open for innovation, especially in hotels. Not changing the towels every day in the hotel is common, if a guest stays longer. Not cleaning the room every day is new. They offer 500 credit points if the room doesn’t have to be cleaned up every day. Well, for some guests it might work not for others. Owning a greenhouse under the roof is just great. So, the chef can harvest vegetables and herbs without leaving the building. I wonder if they have enough for all the hungry guests. Of course, herbs and salads grow fast, what about tomatoes and the other plants? Menu cards with a wood holder or other gates from trees around the city stand out and fit perfect into the Dutch or northern style.

Cheese from Gouda

We brought cheese home from Gouda. Their cheese is slightly different to the common Swiss equivalent. I like the ingredients like red or green pesto or fennel seeds, truffle or herbs. The cheese gets colored and so it might happen, that the guests do not know that the aperitif is made from cheese. Our friends from Japan, which we met in Amsterdam couldn’t believe, that we were keen to bring home Dutch cheese, as Switzerland is famous about their cheeses.

Chef's Handyman, Amsterdam, Gouda Cheese

Chef’s Handyman, Amsterdam, Gouda Cheese

Persijn, Amsterdam, Dutch cuisine with a Mediterranean breeze

The specially prepared tomato is a must to try in the Persijn restaurant. I’m sure you will be delighted. The vegetable dish is mouth-watering and the chocolate cake with the different layers a masterpiece.

Chef's Handyman, Persijn Amsterdam

Chef’s Handyman, Persijn Amsterdam

From the bar, the rooftop with the green house can be reached. So, the herbs and some kinds of vegetables can be served directly from there. Sustainability is very important in the hotel and the restaurant, which belongs to the Crowne Plaza brand within the InterContinental Hotels Group.

Chef's Handyman, Amsterdam

Chef’s Handyman, Amsterdam

The Wyers, Amsterdam

The Wyers also belongs to the Crowne Plaza brand within the InterContinental Hotels Group. They serve trendy and healthy food. The cauliflower couscous with nuts, herbs, dried apricots, pomegranate seeds and fresh fruits was my favorite or the fregola pasta, which I loved as well. The portions are huge.

Chef's Handyman, Wyers Amsterdam

Chef’s Handyman, Wyers Amsterdam

What about the following exhibitions?, from 14.4. to 22.7.2018 in Amsterdam , Foto exhibition

The Huis Marseille is a lovely town house. It’s a great opportunity to see a Dutch house with all the stairs inside, which are very steep. For all those, who are not good by foot, an internal lift is available.

The best time to visit Amsterdam is during June and July. We have enjoyed our stay very much even though the weather was not that good. There are so many spots to visit, also if it’s raining.

The Chef’s Handyman team is looking forward for the next visit in Amsterdam.