Pottery Market Regensberg

Pottery market in Regensberg

Regensberg is a lovely small village near Dielsdorf. This weekend, a pottery market with handcrafted goods has opened the doors. The picturesque scenery is stunning. A wide selection of handmade pottery will be shown. Each cup, can or bowl is a masterpiece. Other handmade crafts like furniture and small pieces made of old palettes are available as well. Also homemade jams, spices or syrups can be bought. The Chef’s Handyman team could not resist and bought new pottery.

Other attractions like musicians, wizards and comedians will give an interesting mixture to the market life. The nice surrounding and the beautiful scenery underline the beauty of this little pearl not far away from the City life of Zurich.

Drinks & Food

There are also food stalls around. My tip is the restaurant Krone. From the balcony there is an awesome view to the mountains and the area around. The menu does contain classic dishes with fish and meat nicely presented. As starters salad and soup can be ordered. To finish they serve delicious desserts. Unfortunately there will be no main vegetarian dish on the menu. Vegetarians might order salad, soup or cheese and of course desserts. One highlight is the Regensberger sparkling wine, which is made with the grapes grown around the village. We have tried the Blanc the Pinots, which goes perfect with mango or lemon ice-cream. In the winery Weidmann next to the bus station, the sparkling wines can be ordered by bottle. Have a try.

Public Transportation

Regensberg can be easily reached by train and bus. It’s a half hour ride from Zurich main station. The picturesque village with the studwork houses or stone houses and their lovely gardens around will be a nice day trip not only for nature lovers.

Have a great Sunday, yours Chef’s Handyman team!