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Office Lunch

Office Lunch

Queuing up  in front of a restaurant during the lunch break is time consuming and expensive. To slug down food within no time, will be no pleasure. Preparing the own lunch box is more convenient and tastes much better, as…

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beets, beetroots
Desserts, Salads, Starters

Beets – Superfood!

Beets – Superfood! Well beetroots are not everybody’s darling. Some like the peatiness some don’t. For sure, beetroots had a revival in the food shells. Beets are superfood. They are vitamin packed and healthy. Beets can be bought in different…

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Chestnut Cream with Pears

Sweet Darlings – Chestnut Sweets

Sweet Darlings – Chestnut Sweets Chestnut cream, chocolate and fruits, why not! These ingredients are best friends. Sometimes crispy bites will go along with them. Chestnut loaf or chestnut bread will upgrade a coffee break, especially on Monday. Chestnut desserts…

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Pumpkin soup casting!

Pumpkin soup casting! Large, tiny, small, big – lots of different pumpkins are sunbathing in the fields. It looks like a huge casting show out in the green. Some squashes will have their highlights in the soup others will be…

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spice infused salt

Spice infused salt!

Spice infused salt! Spice infused? What to cook with spice infused salt? Salt with wild garlic, salt with licorice, salt with chili or salt with wild berries, there are so many different types around. Light sauces and dips are in…

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