Summer Breeze

Make your own jam! The best way to store the summer in glasses

Twist-It! Make your own jam, the best way to store the summer in glasses. Now is the best time to build up stocks for the cold winter season. The most fruits are great for compotes, jams and sauces. With stocks you will be prepared for grew days in winter. What a great outlook for the rough and cold November, right? What about a breakfast in winter with your homemade jam on top of a roll! Just delicious!

Elder berries, red and black currants are great fighters against a cold. Strawberry jam spiced with verbena and black pepper tastes wonderful. For those who are on the rose side, why not producing any rose blossom jam!  There are so many variations to give a personal touch into the production of marmalade or jam. You will also find different types of preserving sugar in the stores. I prefer the 1:1 proportion. My storage is already jam-packed! What about yours?

The Chef’s Handyman kitchen will be closed over the holidays. We will be back in August with new ideas, recipes, restaurants and culinary books.

Have a wonderful summer, yours Chef’s Handyman team.

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