Fruits and  berries are not only beauties, they are colorful, great in taste and do underline a bright skin. Therefore a healthy and a balanced nutrition will be very important.

“It says, that water and fruits are essential for the beauty. Fruits and berries will underline a bright skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are needed, when cooking plant based food.”

Let’s start with woodruff syrup, these wonderful basic made for refreshing drinks and desserts. When I was a child, each summer woodruff and strawberry ice cream was the highlight after a long swim in the lakes. The water ice cream coated a sweet and soft heart of vanilla ice cream. Years later I couldn’t find these treat anymore. Unfortunately! Woodruff syrup is more than only a drink. The fragrance is the epitome of summer. The herb is not shining within all the other herbs and flowers but the fragrance is unbeatable. Woodruff is great for drinks and desserts. So take the chance and produce your own syrup for refreshing drinks in summer. The herb can be bought in April to May in several market gardens.

woodruff syrup

Chef’s Handyman woodruff syrup

To make woodruff syrup, pour in 1 kg or 2 lb of sugar and 1 l or 32 fl. Oz. into a pan. Add 4-5 tbsp. citric acid. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Then cool the sugar water. Add one bunch of woodruff and some lemon slices. Allow to rest in fridge for 2-3 days. Remove herbs and lemon slices. Pour in preserving bottles.

Chef’s Handyman tip: If you like to have the syrup green colored, add some drops of food coloring.

To make woodruff cocktail, mix 3 dl or 1.5 cups of sparkling water, 6 tbsp. of woodruff syrup, berries and lemon slices into a jar. Add ice cubes. For adults, fill prosecco into glasses, add woodruff syrup. Decorate with berries and herbs.

Chef’s Handyman tip: Double the ingredients for the syrup. Freeze one portion. So in summer you might serve a refreshing drink for your guests.

woodruff chia pudding

Chef’s Handyman woodruff chia pudding

To make chia pudding for 4 serves, place 12 tbsp. of chia seeds and one cup of soy milk into a bowl. Add 6 tbsp. of woodruff syrup and 1 tbsp. of vanilla sugar. Allow to rest overnight. Place in a bowl, garnish with berries.

Serve the woodruff drink during the hot summer days, the chia pudding for desserts or for breakfast. Have a great weekend yours, Chef’s Handyman team.