woodruff drink

Seasonal special – woodruff drinks

I’m a great woodruff fan. The fragrance of the sweet woodruff is so tasteful and tickles the nose with a breeze of summer. Berries sprinkled with a dash of woodruff syrup are just delicious. Some friends wrinkle their nose, when I ask them for recipes with woodruff. When I serve them desserts or drinks with a light dash of that wonderful fragrance, all of them are excited and all cut and dried opinions are gone. Right, says the Chef’s Handyman team.


Chef’s Handyman, woodruff

Woodruff drink with berries & herbs

To make the woodruff syrup, pour in 200 g or 7 oz. of sugar and 2 dl or 7 fl. oz. of water into a pan. Add lemon rind. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Then cool the sugar water. Add one bunch of woodruff. Allow to rest for at least 1 hour. Remove herbs and lemon slices. Pour in preserving bottles.

woodruff drink

Chef’s Handyman, woodruff drink

For the drink, place berries, herbs and lemon grass into glasses pour in cold mineral water.

Chef’s Handyman tip: Substitute sparking water for prosecco or champagne.

Shopping list for the woodruff drink: 200 g or 7 oz. of sugar, 2 dl or 7 fl. oz. of water, 1 lemon, 1 bunch peppermint, 8 x lemon grass, 16 strawberries, some blueberries.

Cheers, your Chef’s Handyman team.