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Strawberries are Style Icons

Red and round they present themselves on the fields. Strawberries are style icons. Deep red they shine in bowls and steal the show from the others. Combined with Matcha cream they are an unbeatable team. Cardamom and vanilla lend a…

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Beetroot Salad

Beetroot, a passion

You either love beetroots or you hate them. I learned to like them late. Roasted in the oven with herbs they become really juicy and the bitter substances vanish. Together with other vegetables a wonderful salad can be put together….

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beetroot pesto
Main Dishes

Beetroot Pesto

Sometimes the simple dishes delight the guests the most, right? When the beetroot is dressing up to the nines and gets together with the chick peas, then both are on the right path for a delicious new dish. What about…

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Chef's Handyman, homemade pasta
Main Dishes

Pasta – homemade

Our pasta maker hasn’t had a great mission in the last weeks. What a pity, then home made pasta is just delicious. The pasta maker should be more on stage, says also the Chef’s Handyman team.  Spaghetti with nut basil…

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Passion Fruits and Vanilla

Refreshing Power-Mix

Passion fruits and vanilla are best friends. The freshness of the passion fruit is perfectly made for yoghurt. Garnished with a handful of nuts, the muesli bowl is ready to go. Sugar is not part of the team. Peppermint leaves…

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