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Asparagus Salad
Salads, Starters

Asparagus, refreshing and fruity

The asparagus season is on its way. Each year I’m looking forward to test different delicious dishes. The fruity and refreshing recipe below is one of my favorites. The Chef’s Handyman team is hooked on asparagus, especially this fruity version…

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Chef's Handyman Porcini Dish

Porcini mushrooms, just irresistible

Porcini mushrooms are my favorite ones. Have you ever tried them with butternut and pears? What a nice fall potpourri, your family will be delighted. Beetroot leaves will give an earthy touch and the pears a sweet bite. The smell…

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Chef's Handyman, Waffles
Main Dishes, Recipes, Starters

Belgian Waffles

A Belgian becomes Greek or vice versa Belgian Waffles. Belgian specialty with a Greek topping, why not! Looking back to relaxing holidays in Greece, I miss the Belgian waffles for breakfast. This great recipe is a gift from my vacation….

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