Jam easy to prepare

Getting a few jars of medlar jam for the stock is a wonderful idea. The jam is quick and easy to prepare. Medlar and tonka bean complement each other perfectly. Unfortunately medlars are not always available. But when I see them, they are always packed. Medlars belong to the rose family. They taste sweet and sour and remind me of apricots and peaches. The medlar jam is easy to prepare and store. The Chef’s Handyman Team thinks it is a good idea to stock up on supplies for the winter months and everyone has packed two glasses of it. 

Medlar Jam, Chef's Handyman Magazine
Medlar Jam for the Stock

Medlar Jam

For the jam, halve the medlars and remove the seeds. Bring to the boil together with the jam sugar and citric acid. When the pieces are soft, crush them with the cutting stick. Grate the tonka bean with a fine grater and flavour the jam with it. The taste of the tonka bean is very intense, so season sparingly. Pour into preserving jars and close with the lid. Turn the jars over and let them stand for a few minutes. Turn the jam jars and let them cool down. The jam can be stored for several months. 

Medlar Jam, Chef's Handyman Magazine
Medlar Jam, Chef’s Handyman Magazine

Use jam sugar as indicated on the packaging. I always take much less in proportion. But the jam gets thinner, but it has less sugar. 

Shopping list for 2-3 medium glasses, 1-1.5 kg medlars, 1 tbsp citric acid, 0.3-0.5 kg jam sugar, 1 tonka bean. 

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