EmmaGianna Cheese

Chef’s Handyman EmmaGianna Cheese from Michelsamt

Parmesan is not the only favorite hard cheese. EmmaGianna is a spicy locally produced Swiss cheese. Served as aperitif with sparkling wine or drinks will delight your guests. 

EmmaGianna, delicious Swiss cheese brand

EmmaGianna cheese is made of silo free raw milk and free of preserving agents. 

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Even the festive season has finally found an end, there will be other occasions to serve delicious cheese as aperitif. The Chef’s Handyman has a new favorite. Especially the story around the EmmaGianna cheese is so lovely, that you might not be able to resist to try these delicious cheeses. Emma and Hanna love to visit their grand parents in their cheese dairy. There they can follow the cheesemaker producing the favorite EmmaGianna cheese and lot of other delicious brands.