Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberries during winter season – what about the balance of energy? Should I have a bad conscience by eating berries in winter? Well, yes I should. Actually I love berries. Whenever I can I would eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. But sometimes, when everything goes in the wrong direction, then I have to scratch my back. That’s the time, when rules have to be broken.

Strawberry smoothie, Chef’s Handyman’s favorite!

The smoothie has been made with frozen strawberries from last season. For decoration I could not resist taking fresh ones.

Shopping list for 4 serves:
Berries, Fruits: 200 g or 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1 cup fresh ones, 1 organic lemon
Soy Dairy Products: 2 cups soy milk, 1 cup whipped soy cream
Spices: 1 tbsp. vanilla sugar, a dash of black pepper

Direction: Thaw the berries for 15 minutes. Then place them in a bowl. Add soy milk, lemon rind and vanilla sugar. Blend all ingredients. Pour in glasses. Garnish with whipped soy cream, decorate with berries.

Bon appetite, your Chef’s Handyman team!