Chez Fritz

Chef’s Handyman, Chez Fritz

Restaurant Chez Fritz, Kilchberg

There are still some pearls around the lake of Zurich. The restaurant Chez Fritz is one of them. The terrace is in front of the waterside. While eating the passenger boats, swimmers and paddlers can be observed. During summer the restaurant is an attraction pole for all sun lovers. The portions are huge and the service friendly. A nice place for a romantic dinner as well. For those, who have planned no holiday yet the place might give a bit of a beach feeling.

Restaurant Collina, Feusisberg

Chef’s Handyman, Restaurant Collina, Feusisberg

Restaurant Collina, Feusisberg

One of my favorites is the Restaurant Collina in Feusisberg. The view is spectacular, like a huge painting. I like each season. In spring the flowery trees are breathtaking and in summer the view over the fields down to the lake of Zurich is full of colors. So are the dishes. The menus are creative and the plating is like an artwork. The service is professional and friendly. It will be a perfect place for weddings as well.