Restaurant Korner, Zürich

Restaurant Korner

Chef’s Handyman, Restaurant Korner Zurich

Healthy food is great, but sometimes fast food is also an option. Who won’t be starving after sunbathing with friends, jumping into the lake and swimming all day long? The restaurant Korner in Zurich is the right place for a fast meal. The selection of burgers is huge. They serve also plant based patties. Now and then fast food is needed, right? I decided to test the El Chapo; a vegetarian burger, made of sweet potatoes and beans served with straw fries and sauces. The taste was great. From my point of view, the patty was not cooked thoroughly through and was too soft and the served sunny side egg in between the breads was overcooked. Nevertheless, I like the restaurant Korner, especially after a great day at the lake, sunbathing and swimming with friends.

Widder Garage, temporary bar

Widder Garage

Chef’s Handyman, Widder Garage

After the heavy dish, we walked through the old town of Zurich. Then, we decided to have a drink at the Widder Garage, a temporary bar. I read and heard about that pop-up bar and so the place was on my list of places to visit. The interior is cheeky and trendy. The furniture was collected from different hotels around and they fit perfect into the groovy ambiance. I hope that the pop-up idea will turn into a stationary place. Zurich need a place like the Widder Garage.