Gartengold Apple Juice

Gartengold Apple Juice

What about apple juice after work or sport activities? Great idea! Apple juice suits very well with lots of dishes for lunch or dinner. Serve the apple juice with a twist enriched with strawberries and herbs. I’m sure your friends will love this special drink as well.

Gartengold is a juice with a mission.

Each harvest is an individual mixture of apples from old and unique plants. The apples are from trees of Swiss private properties. Disabled people are also integrated in the production process.

The Gartengold apple juice is vegan and about 99 % from organic plants. No fish-glue, gelatin or yolks has been used. It’s 100 % pure juice no sugar or other fruits are added. It’s a clean, fruity juice with a light sour taste. Just delicious.

Cheers! The Chef’s Handyman team favorites the Gartengold apple juice.