Chef's Handyman Goes Out!

Rive Gauche

The restaurant Rive Gauche does belong to the hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich. The menu card was a huge surprise. They also serve vegan dishes! I was more than delighted. All tried meals were creative and excellent. As dessert we chose the chocolate cake with a melting core. Years ago we had our first one in Sydney. No dessert could beat that one in the past. The chocolate cake from Rive Gauche was definitely the best one we ever had. The thin crust and the delicious core in the middle cannot be topped anymore. Many thanks to the pastry chef!

Fujiya of Japan

The restaurant Fujiya of Japan belongs to the hotel Ascot in Zurich. The menu was also surprising and had vegetarian dishes included. Some of the dishes have been cooked on the teppanyaki, a cooktop, in front of the guests. I love this style of cooking. Everything is fresh and will be served immediately. The sushi, soups and salads will still be prepared in the kitchen. The early bird reservation is between 6 pm and 8 pm. Booked and finished within this range will give a discount in price. The Chef’s Handyman team loves this idea.

Bon Appetite, yours Chef’s Handyman team!