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Zimtstern & Brunsli, Christmas cookies, the best in town

This year the Chef’s Handyman team has decided to focus on two traditional Christmas cookies, which are the Swiss favorites. ‘Brunsli’ is a cookie made with grated almonds and chocolate and the ‘Zimtstern’ is a star shaped cinnamon cookie. We bought sweets from different bakeries like Buchmann, from Honold, Fleischli, Guggenloch, from Peter in Adliswil and also from Sprüngli. All tested cookies are delicious. The difference makes the texture and the spices. The recipes for the cookies are almost the same but the outcome is always different. Each team member has his favorite bakery even then a unified ranking is the result.

Chef's Handyman, Cookie Tasting

Chef’s Handyman, Cookie Tasting

Zimtstern, cinnamon cookie

The winner is the bakery Peter in Adliswil, the vegan cinnamon cookie from the bakery Guggenloch made the 2nd place, followed by Sprüngli.

Brunsli, chocolate cookie

The winners are the bakeries Peter in Adliswil and Fleischli, the 2nd place made Honold, followed by the bakery Buchmann.

All cookies are great in taste. I’m sure the homemade versions are still the best.

Merry Christmas

Chef’s Handyman, Merry Christmas

The Chef’s Handyman team will close the kitchen over the Christmas holidays. We will be back in January 2016 with new ideas and new cooking recipes. Thanks a lot for all the feedback and greetings during the year, we did appreciate it very much.


Sincerely yours, Charlotte & team

Ideas for a Christmas gift: E-Cookbooks. (In German only)

E-Cookbook, link: Vegane Küche by Charlotte Meyer

Vegane Küche by Charlotte Meyer

Chef’s Handyman, Vegane Küche by Charlotte Meyer







E-Cookbook, link: Go Vegan by Charlotte Meyer

Go Vegan by Charlotte Meyer

Chef’s Handyman, Go Vegan by Charlotte Meyer