Chef's Handyman is on the road.

Do we go out to find new trends or do we prefer no modifications like everything should stay as ever? Maybe it depends on the mood. Well-tried must not be boring and trendy is not always the best solution. Sometimes I’m really bored, if a restaurant should be booked weeks in advance, I prefer to book just in time. Do you agree?

Well-tired – down-to-earth – unchanged quality

The restaurant il Faro Dübendorf is one of the places, which my family likes. The menu card is diversified. Since years they have an unchanged quality and the service is well-tired. The cherry on top is the dessert trolley, especially for kids and sweet tooth.

Friendly – intent – cozy

The Brasserie Schiller is the perfect choice when visiting an opera or ballet. The restaurant is located nearby. Unfortunately, the selection of vegetarian dishes is poor. Nevertheless, it will be a high light for meat or fish lovers.

Trendy – modern – young

The Rüsterei is a great place for a Sunday brunch. I like the industrial design. The buffet has a wide range of starters, different breads, sweets and hot dishes. The coffee will be served, so no queuing up in front of the coffee machine.