Raspberry and Coffee

Shopping list for four serves: Berries: 200 g or 7 oz. raspberries
Herbs: Peppermint
Baking Ingredients: 200 g or 7 oz. chestnut puree, 1 small cup espresso, 1 cup whipped soy cream, chocolate slivers or decorating sugar pearls, 1 tbsp. vanilla sugar, 1 tbsp. vanilla extract, 4 eatable, vegan friendly dessert cups

The recipe of the week, published in the Chef’s Handyman magazine: Raspberry coffee Dessert

Coffee is not only made to drink, no it goes very well with desserts as well. Coffee cream combined with chestnut puree is just a highlight on the plate. The cherry on the cake is today the raspberry. Light ingredients do hugging the figure.

To make cream, combine chestnut puree, 1 tbsp. vanilla extract and 1 small cup of espresso coffee. Whip soy cream. Fold in the cream, leave 3 tbsp. for decoration. Cool in the fridge for 1 hour. Place the cream in the prepared eatable cups. Garnish with raspberries and soy cream. Decorate with sugar pearls or chocolate slivers.