Up in the Sky

London is a city with a trip down to memory lane. Londoners love the past, even than lots of new and modern buildings spring up like mushrooms. This combination is so fascinating. That’s the reason why I come back at least once a year. Roof top gardens are very popular. I love the idea of the birds eye view, when sitting in front of the huge windows unto the roof. The view is breathtaking.

Chef's Handyman, Sky Garden London

Chef’s Handyman, Sky Garden London

The latest one is the Walkie Talkie building. Two restaurants and one huge garden are located on the top of the skyscraper. The restaurant Fenchurch is one of them. A reservation is highly recommended to get any table during the city trip to London. The service and the hospitality of the Fenchurch restaurant have a high standard. Jennifer Santner, a Swiss-born manager, who works at the Fenchurch at the Sky Garden won this year’s major prize for hospitality.  She received the award from the Queen.

Fenchurch London

Chef’s Handyman, Fenchurch London

All dishes are just delicious. There is also a vegetarian section. I chose the texture of potatoes, a great variation of tasty titbits.

Walkie Talkie London

Chef’s Handyman, Walkie Talkie London

Sitting in the shade of the building, is a great feeling, when outside a heavy downpour is knocking against the windows. Right!

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Have a great weekend, yours Chef’s Handyman team.