A good cutting knife in the kitchen is no luxury. A hand-crafted knife is indeed luxury. Working with the knife feels like driving in a sports car. The knives from the manufactory Guldimann are simple and elegant in design. The material is the best for producing a high level professional knife.

Hand-Crafted Knife

Chef’s Handyman Hand-Crafted Knife by M. Guldimann

The name of the knife shown in the picture is ‘Sahar’. It comes from the Arabian language and says break of dawn. The name was given when the blade of the knife had been finished. The diagrams of the surface looked like dawn. The alloy has been made from manganese and nickel. The grip has been formed from buffalo horn and magnolia.

The knife was a first prize. Lucky us that the prize had been find our kitchen. Maybe it was destiny. Even we have Japanese knives in our household, that specific one will get a very special place. I never had such a beautiful and well cutting knife before.

Who is behind the Guldimann manufactory? Marco Guldimann is a Chef. So he knows very well what is needed to do a great job in the kitchen. Without cutting knives there will be no chance to work efficient and clean. So he learnt from scratch how to produce high end knifes. He needs in between 30 to 60 hours producing one piece. The price range is from CHF 600 up to CHF 4’000. The knives are not cheap. When treated nicely the knives will survive a lifetime.

Not only Chefs love hand-crafted knives also amateur chefs do have their own knife in the kitchen. The Chef’s Handyman team is very proud of the new hand-crafted Guldimann knife.