A food artist shows his creations

The best parties end in the kitchen – we start already there…

was written on the ticket for the food event of Hausi Burgener, the food artist. The event took place in his underground kitchen in Zurich. I wondered what will await me there.

I love cold appetizers very much, especially during summer. The cucumber mojito with gin was awesome. The other cold bites where also delicious. Unfortunately, there is a point to mention, each appetizer was combined with meat or fish. Vegetarians must pull out all these ingredients. A smart gesture could have been, if some of the starters had been served with and without meat and fish. Edible flowers, herbs or sprouts are perfect for the garnish.

My favorites from the hot section were the egg with the mint & pea puree or the spicy soup.

The decoration for the appetizers were handmade and very fancy. I would highly recommend to visit a kitchen evening with Chef Hausi and his team.

The food artist can be booked for private or business dinners.