Maison Blunt, Zurich, Restaurant Falken, Neuheim

The restaurant Maison Blunt is a popular place located in the up-and-coming area in Zurich. The dishes do have a refined tasting with an Eastern touch. The influence is Moroccan. The interior is cozy with wooden tables and chairs. A perfect location for a dinner on the way to the movie or to the theater! The place is very busy and crowded. At weekends a reservation would be recommended.

The restaurant Falken in Neuheim does have an excellent and creative kitchen and a superior service. The guests feel very welcome. The restaurant owners do know exactly, what their guests do expect. The products and the plaiting do have a high standard. The interior is-state-of-the-art! It’s a place to celebrate eating, maybe not for every day, but for special occasions it’s an awesome place to be.