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Chef’s Handyman iPhone/iPad App

Dear amateur chef and food lover,

Chef's Handyman App

Chef’s Handyman iPhone/iPad app

Thank you for your interest and stopping by. Have you already downloaded the Chef’s Handyman iPhone/iPad app? The app can be found in Apples app store. If you like the content of this food magazine than you might love the app as well.

The Chef’s Handyman app is a free trail app with free recipes. From time to time new recipes will be integrated. You will find a note published in the magazine, when a new free recipe can be downloaded into the app.

There are also cookbooks included. Additional cookbooks can be bought within the Chef’s Handyman app. A vegan cookbook is still in production.

Please have a try. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely, yours Charlotte

Chef’s Handyman Goes Vegan, new e-cookbook

Chef's Handyman Goes Vegan

Chef’s Handyman Goes Vegan

The new cookbook ‘Chef’s Handyman Goes Vegan’ is now available. The e-book can be downloaded within the Chef’s Handyman App.

Plant based cooking does not mean boring. Fresh new recipes with vegetables and fruits will delight with a new twist and a healthy touch. The recipes are easy to follow. The book contains our favorites with an Eastern breeze and modern ingredients.


The cookbook can be used offline as well. Therefore, the book must first be downloaded. Please make sure, that your connection is stable.

Some of the recipe within the free trial book had to be move to other books for more space of new recipes.



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