Chef's Handyman, Truffle Murder, Crime Novel, Marianne Cedervall

Chef’s Handyman, Truffle Murder, Crime Novel, Marianne Cedervall

Did you know that truffles also grow in Gotland, Sweden? Nor did I. From my point of view, the Piedmont is the place where truffles grow. When I held the crime novel from Marianne Cedervall in my hands, I read about a truffle trip through Gotland. What a lovely idea, right? After the journey the truffles will be cooked by a chef and served as a delicious dish like a gourmet menu. What are your next plans? What about a truffle safari in Gotland?

During my vacation or in winter I love reading, especially culinary crimes. Have you heard about the truffle murder? That’s a new novel from Marianne Cedervall.

Truffle murder, a crime novel from Marianne Cedervall

…after the dinner one of the guests will be dead… Anki Karlsson is attending a truffle trip in Gotland. The highlight of the journey is the gourmet dinner in a luxury restaurant. Unfortunately, the dinner ends with a crime. One of the guests does not survive the delicious gourmet dishes. Anki and her friend Trygge, a retired sheriff, investigate the case. Suddenly there is a second murder. The case comes to a head and Anki is in danger. The truffle crime is the second case of Anki Karlsson.

Before you start with the crime, have a seat and eat a huge portion of tagliatelle with truffle butter.

Have a great Sunday, your Chef’s Handyman Team.