Chef's Handyman, recommended Cookbooks

Chef’s Handyman, recommended Cookbooks

It’s so cozy in front of the fire place, thumbing through a cookbook. Am I right? A great time to try new recipes for new invitations. What about homemade gifts for friends? Everyone loves homemade presents. Most of them can be prepared in advance. The two mentioned cookbooks below are great inspirations for the upcoming fall season.

Lindt Excellence

The Lindt Excellence cookbook looks like a chocolate bar with delicious chocolate recipes. A great gift for chocolate lovers. Extend the present with bars of Lindt chocolates and your friends will be delighted. The Chef’s Handyman team loves this idea.

Gifts from the Kitchen by Annie Rigg

Sweet and savory recipes from each season. Ideas for special occasions including creative packaging tips. What about biscotti with almond and figs, or panettone, cherry tomato and sweet chili jam, fennel seed, chili and Parmesan grissini, granola and many more delicious recipes.

The Chef’s Handyman team favorites both books.