Pasta Italian Style

Chef’s Handyman, Inspiration 1: Mediterranean Pasta
Great pasta with artichoke, bell pepper, capers and olives. Bring salt water to the boil. Add pasta and cook until soft. Drain pasta, place on plates. Add canned artichoke, bell pepper, olives and capers. Sprinkle with olive oil. Season the dish with herbs, salt and black pepper. Lunch is ready!

Chef’s Handyman, Inspiration 2: Parsley root
Parsley root is a cool winter friend. Accompanied with soy milk or coconut milk is this combo unbeatable. Parsley root has a lighter fragrance than the parsley herb has. That’s the target of this wonderful soup. It reminds by eating at something very familiar.

Chef’s Handyman, Inspiration 3: A breeze of curry
Curry sauce with a dash of Eastern spices will nip-and-tuck-the race with the other inspirations. The color will make it. Sweet little nips of pomegranate seeds and herbs like ginger, cilantro and chili will give an extraordinary touch, you never will miss again. A great mouth-watering combo.

Chef’s Handyman, Inspiration 4: Winter salad
Winter salad with peppermint dressing. Vitamins are good friends during the winter season. They look that you will stay well. Fresh and healthy ingredients will lead this dish.

Bon Appetite, yours Chef’s Handyman Team!